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Thank you for creating such a memorable experience – we couldn’t have imagined a better honeymoon. What a great way to start a marriage!


Kat & Walter Lamerton, Pyrenees Classic Mountains


We can’t thank you enough for making our visit to Spain an over the top ‘great one’. The cycling was amazing – everything was seamless. We so appreciate the hospitality. Look forward to traveling with you again!!


Joany Verschuuren & Mark Tamminga, Girona & Catalunya

Thanks so much for putting up the photos from the trip. This is yet another reason we love going on a MJCT trip. And, as always, we had an absolutely wonderful time.
The team did a great job of finding good restaurants, supplying incredible lunches on the tops of the Cols, and providing expert bike maintenance. I know of no other tour company that provides so much service & so much fun.


Lisa & Bret Wade – Pyrenees Classic Mountains


What a spectacular few days in Luz – riding the hollowed cols of the Tour. What made it even better was your superbly organized and managed group. A wonderfully seamless operation where everything went smoothly and efficiently….A really fun group to tour with, but even better because of your personable and talented team. Thank you Marty!


Jim Marshall, Tours in France – Pyrenees


I just returned home late Saturday night and wanted you all to know how much I enjoyed the trip. The scenery, the biking, the food, the logistics, and the people all exceeded my expectations! If I have not been permanently voted off of the island, I’ll be back for another trip down the road.


Ernie Hendry – Tuscany


Just a quick email to thank you and Marty again for a fantastic holiday. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and I think we had a great group of people. I would definitely do it all over again and not change a thing.


Megan Kenney – Girona


Gail and I want to thank you both for the wonderful time we had in Tuscany. It was a pleasure riding with you through the beautiful Tuscan country side. All the arrangements you made were great. It really was a pleasure sweating to get up all thoughts hills. You made replacing all the calories we burned a joy with great meals and wine.


Gail & Dennis Leburg – Tuscany


Thank you very much for the special attention and the very nice trip in Girona.
Everything was perfect.Congratulations for the organization.


My trip back was a litle bit long : Girona ,Barcelona,Madri,New York and São Paulo arriving 34 hours after leaving the hotel. But I was in good shape after 8 days cycling !!!!


I like to thank you both again for the special gift : THE COSTA BRAVA BOOK that I just received. It is very nice and special for me. ” Muito obrigado ”
Best regards to all the team and see you all again soon.


Carlos Coachman – Girona


Thank you for such an incredible trip. The photos are awesome! I can’t wait to see you guys and catch up.


Patrice Martin – Tuscany

The whole experience was absolutely awesome.


Ron Harrell – Tuscany


“What a spectacular few days in Luz – riding the hollowed cols of the TdF. What made it even better was your superbly organized and managed group. A wonderfully seamless operation where everything went smoothly and efficiently, which made it an awesome experience for all.”


Jim Marshall

I’m still on a high from the Tuscany trek. Thank you guys for a phenomenal trip. It’s hard for me to imagine that anybody else combines the level of riding, service, comfort and fun that you guys are providing. It’s very exciting to see friends truly succeeding with something that they are passion about.


Doug & Julie Nester


Just writing to confirm what a great time I had on the Tour II. Being at the TdF, and riding those REAL (and notorious) hills is a treat regardless, but you guys and Cara, Charlie, Gilles and KC absolutely made it exponentially better.


Not only excellent planning and logistics, but local knowledge (e.g. the better descent from l’Alpe d’Huez) and especially the resourcefulness, graciousness, and professionalism of everyone at MJCT made it a truly outstanding trip. Incidentally, a few weeks ago, a guy showed up at our regular Friday ride who said he’d been with a cycle-tour group at the Tour during the same time as us, but it seems he didn’t get to do nearly as much good riding as we did– MJCT really is exceptional.


Chris Ogden


Thanks so much for sending that copy of The Race and the card with the group picture we took at Annecy.


Looking back at all the faces just brings back nothing but great memories.


Jack S

Bret & I want to send you guys a big “Thank You” for an awesome cycling tour. The climbs were epic, the weather was epic, and the MJCT staff were great. In fact, I’m not sure I could have survived the epic’ness of the climbs & weather without them!


Lisa & Bret Wade, French Alps


Now that the dust and emotions have settled, I just thought I would take some time out to thank you on behalf of myself and John for a fantastic trip. Everything was superbly organised, the accommodation was great, guiding spot on, everything (other than fresh legs, although Christina did her best!) was laid on for us and often provided before we had the chance to ask for it.


You have a great team, all performing their roles fantastically but Shawn is deserving of particular mention. He is an absolute asset to your company, great guy to be with (and draft behind!!) but very professional, always on the ball and all this whilst away from the beautiful Madelaine! Keep hold of that guy! Marty was also the absolute pro aswell, a pleasure to ride and spend time with. You and the “office-based” team also deserve particular praise as phonecalls were always promptly returned, e-mails replied to the same day and we always knew exactly what was happening and what was required / expected. I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Marty Jemison Tours to anyone.


Ian Wood


That was an incredible trip, thanks for everything, wonderful friendship, food and service.The cycling was historical. Planning our next trip with you guys asap.


Charles Settoon, Private Trip

Tour de France experience

Just wanted to say thanks again for another great vacation. It was all we expected and then some. Rides, Guides, and Grub were awesome. It was fun getting to spend a vacation with other riders that share our crazy love for climbing Can’t wait to see whatis in store for next year and start the process all over again.


Jenny & Terry Wampler, French Alps


I did a ride three weeks ago and bumped into a young lady at one of the rest areas who had just come back from your Girona ride! She was ecstatic! She, as I, was ultra impressed with the experience, I’m looking forward to riding with you folks again.


Gus, French Alps

Thank you again for such a wonderful trip. Not only was it just incredibly fun and well-run, but you both helped me so much to get comfortable with my bike and I really appreciated all the extra coaching.


Lisa Simon, Girona Spain


I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the bike trip. The accommodations and meals were first class, clean and totally satisfying. Your attention to detail was superb and it is clear that your attention to detail is all encompassing. To accommodate 14 people over an extended period of time is an art and you are to be congratulated.


As a novice rider I was concerned that I may have “bit off” more than I could handle yet I do not feel that I did and the experience has motivated me to redouble my riding as I believe I was able to keep up without stress to those with much more miles than I have. You along with Suzanne have given me the gift of cycling and I get excited when I clip in and peddle away for distance I never considered possible.


The rides you picked were fun, challenging and complete with breath taking sites. To be in the company of Marty with his cycling accomplishments and insight was educational and appreciated.


Again thank you for the excellent vacation and your hard work. We hope to be on a tour with you next year.


Bob McClenachan, Girona Spain


I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the training camp at Park City far exceeded our expectations. Jim Brotherson and I had a great time and you and your team really made it memorable. It was a unique experience to be around elite athletes that are real people and have a pure passion for what they do.


I really appreciated the way you controlled the group and kept us slower guys part of the action. I have never felt stronger on my bike and this Saturday I did a hard 40 mile ride with the fast guys and had no trouble staying with the pack.


John Martin, Park City Camp


I just wanted to thank you and Jill for a great trip. You guys showed me a great time this year. I hope the secret does not get out about you guys so I always have a slot on one of your trips. The hotels we stayed at were fantastic and your staff is NUMBER ONE.


I got to live out my Rock Star fantasies of being a cyclist in Europe thanks to you guys.


Jason Tull, Tour de France III


Thanks for a great week of fun and biking. Ty and I had a great time. Best to all.


Brad Rockwell, Tour de France I

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I just wanted to let you know I had a great time on the Tour II trip. Getting to ride the route on race day and see all the big name riders come through really was a great thrill.


I met so many people along the way from so many countries with one common bond, the tour. No one seemed to speak the same language but we were all able to communicate the location of the peloton, who was leading, and the hopes of each spectator.


Other people I met were with different tour groups. In comparing notes I realized what a great choice I made. One group was doing the same climbs we were doing but in reverse. The day I saw them was the only day they were on the route on a race day. How disappointing would that be?

Other groups were dumped off by bus en masse and left to ride on their own and return at a specific time for pickup. No support, no guidance, no insight.


What a contrast to the way you run your tours. With all the experience that you and Marty have gathered over the years with your time with U.S. Postal, and now your own tour company, every detail seemed covered. Every problem came with a fall back plan. Marty’s experience as a rider in the Tour gave us a special insight into the ride, the struggles and strategy, as well as the politics. Your knowledge of the local roads made for some great scenic rides, away from the traffic, approaching the routes.


With such a wide array of riders with different abilities and strengths, likes and dislikes, and a rainbow of personalities, you were able to plan different ride options, juggle roommates, plan start times, and provide experienced guides for each group. I run my own business and I know how hard it is trying to please just one client at a time. I must compliment both you and Marty and your entire staff for SUCCESSFULLY addressing the needs of all your clients simultaneously.


I have already given your name to several of my friends and passed it along to the special events coordinator who plans the challenge series rides for the bike club I belong to.


You guys did a wonderful job and I cannot say enough good things about my experience.

Brian McCafferty
Tour de France, Tour de France II