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Bike Tour | Europe

Going on a bike tour in Europe is one of the best ways to truly experience any region of the area.  And for many of us, it’s one of our lifetime bucket list items. And, for good reason! Few places in the world are more friendly to explore on a bike than Europe. In fact, in many European countries, cycling is a way of life.

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Bike tours | France

There are so many different bike tours in France to experience! Cycling through France is an iconic way to experience the splendor that the country has to offer. Just think of the different possibilities: Cruise through the vineyards of Bordeaux; Tackle the hill climbs of the Tour de France, and then watch the pros come up after you. Or, explore the charm of Provence. Which ever one you choose, you can be sure that you’ll be creating the memories of a lifetime.


Bike tours in France wine country

Bike tours in France wine countryLocated in the eastern region of  France known as Bourgogne, Burgundy is a world-renowned center for wine. It’s no wonder that the dish Coq au Vin originated here!  And, the area in and around Burgundy are just as picturesque as you’d expect a French icon to be. Surrounded by miles and miles of world-class vineyards, it’s is a fantastic area to expore on a bike tour. And, we do just that! Along the way, you’ll get the chance to explore the tiny towns that make up Burgundy like Beaunne, Saulieu and Richebourg. And, weather permitting, you’ll get a great photo op in front of the castle: Château de la Rochepot.

We also explore the vineyards of the famous Cote d’Or and the wine capital of Burgundy: Beaune. This enchanting village sits on tops of countless underground caves, all networked together to age some of the most valuable wine in the world. In fact, during World War II, the Nazis invade the area and confiscated the wine! At the end of a long day of cycling through France wine country, you’ll enjoy kicking back and sampling some of what makes this area so valuable in the world of wine.

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Bicycle tours Provence France

provence france bike tourProvence France is an area of legends. Highly sought after since the times of the Romans, this area offers immensely diverse landscapes; everything from pristine mountains, to golden riviera coastline. And there is no better way to soak in the majesty of Provence, than on a cycling tour.

Climbing Mt. Ventoux will certainly be on the agenda as well as sampling some of the local culinary wonders. You’ll see postcard-perfect lavender fields, stay in a Benadictine priory that is now a luxury bed and breakfast. And, with local guides for food and wine, you know that this will be a trip that you cherish for a lifetime.

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Cycling tour de france

cycling tour de france The top of all cycling competitions is of course, the Tour de France. But it’s not just for pros! In fact, part of the fun of the tour is cycling the same routes that the pros do BEFORE  they do. Imagine yourself at the top of Alpe D’Huez after conquering the climb yourself! Then, all of the fun and excitement of the tour parade, the supporters and of course the pros come up after you. It’s a great way to experience the best parts of the tour. And, at the end of the day, immerse yourself in the fine dining and accomodations of the area.

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Cycling spring classics

Cobbles_VeronicaLarsson_SC This is the most feared, and equally respected part of the Tour de France. Put your skills to the test as you cycle across cobblestone streets, and up the muur. And even though the cycling is be demanding, your after tour experiences are an intense in a more indulgent way. The food is amazing. Just think: Belgian Choccolates, Leige waffles, Dame Blanche and so much more. And the scenery is spectacular. This is a trip that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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Cycling tours italy


Pulia bike tourWhere is Puglia?

When you look at the “boot”shape that is Italy, Puglia is the “spur” or “heel” of the boot of Italy. Called, “Apulia” in English, it covers the long narrow penninsula that is the eastern most region of Italy.

Puglia was recently named one of the “20 Places to See Now” by National Geographic Traveler.  Why?  The region is bordered by two seas (the Ionian and the Adriatic), so Puglia has had many regional influences  including  Greek, Norman, and Arab. And the landscapes are spectacular.  There is so much to see, that you can’t possibly do it all on your own. Our own Marty Jemison has spent 5 years exploring and cataloguing the best roads of the region and will take you on another Five Star “Jemison Cycling Tour” as you explore the area!  And, as with all Jemison cycling tours, not only is the cycling world-class, so are the food and accommodations.

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tuscany cycling tripTuscany Bike Tour

Few places are more iconic or romantic than Tuscany. For hundreds of years this Italian gem has drawn thousands of visitors to drink in its rich culture. And what better way to intimately experience the magic of Tuscany than on a bike?

Lead by Marty Jemision, this enchanting tuscany cycling tour will guide you  through bustling Italian villages, explore rustic vineyards or test your limits on one of the exhilarating climbs through the Dolomites.

Imagine yourself cycling along idyllic roads as you make your way past ancient villas nestled in the Tuscan hills. We’ll ride over rolling hills, vineyard after vineyard.  And as is true of all Tuscan terrain, there plenty of views to savor. You’ll bike into the heart of Chianti, as we explore medieval hilltop towns, artisan shops and family run cafes who serve coffee as a form of art . And, we’ll visit some of the local wineries, including the actual birth place of Chianti wine: the Castle di Brolio.

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Spain bike tours

Few countries are as well know for their charm and passion as Spain. And the best way to explore it is by cycling! Imagine yourself on the winding country roads, sumptuously experiencing culinary delights, and feeling the warmth of the people of this passionate country. With so many different distinguished terrains welcoming riders of any ability, you’ll want to come back again and again.

Girona Cycling

girona spain cycling tour
Girona, Spain is located on the Spanish Mediterranean coast and is breathtakingly beautiful. If you’re a fan of “The Game of Thrones”, you’ll likely recognize the town from many scenese in the tv. And Girona is not just famous for its iconic beauty. It is a european cycling dream.

Cycling expert Marty Jemison has spend years living in Girona and biking here is one of Jemison Cycling Tours flagship events for people who love cycling through europe. The trip begins with rides in and around Girona, taking in its nearby countryside and passing glorious fields of vibrant herbs and magnificently restored farmhouses. We’ll climb the nearby Els Angels and San Grau, mountains where the local professionals test themselves.

You’ll head to the coast where there are typically more cyclists than cars. The roads along the Costa Brava flow like ribbon next to the picturesque beaches. You’ll then ride towards the Pyrenees on this cycling tour, where you’ll pass through small villages and peaceful landscapes – quintessential Catalunya.

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Alps bike tour

Alps bike tours

The Alps are, of course, legendary. They have been the subject of art, music and conquest for hundreds and hundreds of years now. But you don’t need to cross the Alps on an elephant like Hannibal did! Cycling across the alps as part of a bike tour will give you all the breath-taking views as well.

For cycling, taking on the alps means enjoying the challenge of conquering yourself as well as some famous peaks from the Tour de France and other races. Names like L’Alpe d’Huez, Col de La Madeleine, Galiber and Glandon, will all be added to your trophy list as you pit your skill and stamina against these timeless beauties. And of course, you’ll be lead by someone who has subdued these peaks many times: Former TDF pro – Marty Jemsion

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