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Jemison Cycling Tour Team!

2-marty leading the pack

Marty Jemison


A native of the Rocky Mountains and one of the principals of MJCT, Marty discovered his passion for cycling and refined his extraordinary skills in and around Europe. Having ridden professionally in the European peleton for seven years, Marty is one of 29 Americans to have completed the world’s greatest race, the Tour de France — twice, in fact, in 1997 and 1998. Marty won the 1999 US Pro Championships, earning him the coveted Stars ‘n Stripes national champion’s jersey. Marty is bi-lingual and holds a degree in Economics from the University of Utah.


This is a link to a great interview from Marty




A graduate of Northern Michigan University, Morgan has been cross-country skiing since she was 2yrs old.  She has traveled the world, raced in numerous World Cup events and her achievements are so extensive that she can be found on Wikipedia.


Morgan’s been riding bikes since she was 5 and continues this passion every summer .   Morgan is a phenomenally strong cyclist and is the only person we know who can drop you on Mt Ventoux,  then stop, smile and see if you’d like anything to drink or eat. ..before riding up the road to check on the next guest.




European traveler, wine connoisseur, culinary afficinado,  expert alpine skier, mt biker turned road biker all lend to an overall great vacation for Jemison Cycling Tours guests.  JP is self-assured, kind and a no-holds-bar kind of guy. He’s a leader in decision maker, and an excellent guide.


He can make any Jemison Cycling Tours guest feel comfortable (note his Tour de France photo) and will assure that your trip runs seemlessly both on and off the bike.


K.C. “The Bike Doctor”


KC is the owner of The Pedal Wrench, an instructional service for bike mechanics. He is our Head Mechanic and keeps all of the bikes running smoothly. KC spends his winter months skiing out of his home in Park City, Utah. His true passion is high-speed descending, both on and off the bike.




Sam Starr developed his love for cycling while growing up in Minneapolis. Most people are surprised to find that the wintery city supports a thriving bike culture; it boasts the highest rate of bike commuters per capita in the country! Sam spent his next years attending school in Los Angeles and riding for an amateur road team in Alicante, Spain.


Sam does a little bit of everything for MJCT, but specializes in spoiling everyone’s bikes with an abundance of mechanical love. He loves learning and sharing knowledge about regional wines. He encourages embracing tan lines to the fullest.




Having circumnavigated the world via bicycle, Charlie is a fixture with MJCT as a trusted guide and accomplished mechanic. Charlie is fluent in Spanish and spends a great deal of time cycling with MJCT throughout Europe.




Chris is a native of Washington State and has cycled in 11 different countries. One of MJCT’s top mechanics, he has over a decade of experience to ensure that your bike runs smoothly. During his travels, he has completed many endurance mt. bike races including: several 100mile races, 24 hour races, and the 7 day Trans Rockies. He is a dessert afficinado and charming.

Spring Classics cobblestones



Katie is our Logistics Coordinator and Office Manager. She spends several months each year living in the Medievel Quarter of Girona, our European Base. Along with constantly improving her Spanish, Katie is studying Catalan and enjoying the many forms of art in this region. She also guides our tours in the Pyrenees Mountains and Southern Europe.



Residing in Park City, Utah, this Midwestern native is an expert at group dynamics and understands the organizational importance of each tour, particularly those which are following an event such as the Tour de France. Outgoing and friendly, Marilyn also is a capable cyclist and avid outdoorswoman.




Kurt is from Portland, Oregon and is known for his attention to detail and charisma. He is a Senior in International Studies and Peace at the University of Utah, as well as a member of the Honors Program and U of U Cycling Team. He is also a published photographer. While working with MJCT, he takes care of lodging, meals, luggage and ride routes – and anything else you need.



A guide with MJCT since its inception, Shawn has competed in both road racing and mt. biking for more than a decade. Riding regularly with Marty in and around the mountains of Park City, his style and ability complement and enhance each tour group’s experience. Shawn is the strong mind behind MJCT’s marketing and public relations.