The majesty of Spain – Jemison Cycling Tours


Girona Spain Cycling Trip

Without a doubt Girona is one of Spain’s most beautiful towns, with access to virtually everything Europe is known for: the finest culinary experiences, the special quaintness unique to the Old World, friendly and welcoming locals and, again, world-class cycling for all abilities and interests.


All of this is just a few kilometers from the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Game of Thrones recently came to Girona for filming in the Medieval quarter (called the Call).


Basque Country Bike Tour

Experience a culture so proud that it still maintains its own language which dates back over 7000 years.


If you’ve been looking for a trip to Europe, with a culture unlike anything you’ve experienced before, than this is the cycling trip for you. There is as much to see and experience on the bike, as off the bike.


Though we’ll be riding over smooth roads and enjoying modern-day hotel amenities, you’ll be transported, back in time, to a mythical and mystical age.

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